Baptist General Conference - Central Canada Inc.

Baptist General Conference - Central Canada Inc. is a Baptist congregation located in Winnipeg, MB. Their programs consist of:


Places of worship, congregations, parishes, dioceses, etc.


Social outreach, religious fellowship, & auxiliary orgs.

2013 Programs

Ongoing Programs

1. We provide pastoral counselling and coaching 2. We help settle internal church problems by meeting with officials of churches 3. We provide encouragement to pastors, officials & members of churches 4. We provide means in which persons may go into unchurched areas & plant churches 5. We assist church plants to pay their pastor an adaquate salary. 6. We provide resources to churches for personal & church growth and learning

Organizational Information

Baptist General Conference - Central Canada Inc.
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Charitable Organization
Baptist Congregations

Administrative Contact

Based on information provided on the charity's 2013 return.

Contact Person:
Lorne Meisner
Mailing Address:
877 Wilkes Avenue
Winnipeg MB   R3P1B8
Phone Number:
(204) 479-9071
Email Address:
[javascript protected email address]