Vibrant Surrey Poverty Reduction Society

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Name: Vibrant Surrey Poverty Reduction Society
Registration Number: 845991819RR0001
Designation: Charitable Organization
Category: Community organizations

Administrative Contact

Contact Person: Neelam Sahota
Mailing Address: 1107-7330 137th Street
Surrey, BC
Phone Number: (604) 597-0205
Email Address: [javascript protected email address]


Recent Programs (2012-03-31)

New programs

Assisted in the development of two food security programs in surrey throughfinancial contributions and expert advice. Assisted a member agency to acquire funding and identify partners for the creation of a matched savings accounts for disadvantaged youth in surrey.

Ongoing programs

Convened workshops, forums and meetings and made presentations to inform and raise awareness about poverty in surrey. Promoted collaborative tools andtechniques to address poverty and its effects. Conducted research into poverty in surrey in collaboration with local government, health authority, university and other community agenices. Distributed information and maintained website to educate the community about issues related to poverty.

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