Li Ka Shing (canada) Foundation

Li Ka Shing (canada) Foundation is a charitable corporation focusing on welfare located in Toronto, ON. Their programs consist of:

2013 Programs

Ongoing Programs

The sole and exclusive object of the foundation is to disburse such monies of the foundation by way of gifts as the foundation shall,from time to time, see fit to "qualified donees" within the meaning of that term under the income tax act (canada) and all of the activities of the foundation shall be in furtherance of this sole and exclusive object.

Organizational Information

Li Ka Shing (canada) Foundation
Registration Number:
Private Foundation
(Welfare) Charitable Corporations

Administrative Contact

Based on information provided on the charity's 2013 return.

Mailing Address:
5300 Commerce Court West 199 Bay Street
Toronto ON   M5L1B9
Phone Number:
(416) 869-5542