St James Horticultural Society

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Name: St James Horticultural Society
Registration Number: 889169066RR0001
Designation: Charitable Organization
Category: Recreation, playgrounds, and vacation camps

Administrative Contact

Contact Person: Margaret Sheridan, Past President
Mailing Address: 1881 Portage Ave P.o. Box 42086
Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number: (204) 888-7661


Recent Programs (2012-11-01)

Ongoing programs

1. Free educational lectures - 1.) Beautifying your home gardens 2.) Manitoba native flowers, 3) organic gardening 4.) Feeding our feathered friends 2. Print competition 3. Flower arranging - instruction and design 4. Administration of community garden plots; weed control; water and staking. 5. Annual exhibition of vegetables, flowers, baking, home canning, crafts. - Prizes as outlined in the exhibition book enclosed. Exhibit categories includes youth & seniors sections. 6. Seniors tea at the annual exhibition. 7. Encourage gardeners to plant a row for winnipeg harvest / soup kitchens,

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