Institut Islamique Al-rashid/al-rashid Islamic Institute

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Name: Institut Islamique Al-rashid/al-rashid Islamic Institute
Registration Number: 890816176RR0001
Designation: Charitable Organization
Category: Islamic Religious Groups

Administrative Contact

Mailing Address: 18345 County Rd 2 Rr#1
Cornwall, ON
Phone Number: (613) 932-2895


Recent Programs (2011-12-31)

Ongoing programs

1. To help muslims carry out islamic activities based upon the quran and sunnah. 2. To promote unity and brotherhood among muslims. 3. To promote islamic da'wah with a spirit of good will and friendship towards the followers of other faiths. 4. To provide educational facilities (locally available as well as religious) to muslim children and adults. 5. To issue publications on islam.6. To strive for the welfare and betterment of mankind. 7. To present the teachings of the prophets (may peace be upon them) to the people of the world. 8. To draw people's attention towards the eternal life after death. 9. To preserve and propogate the way of life we have received through the last of the prophets, muhammad (may peace be upon him). 10. To cater tto the religious needs of the muslims, especially their religious education. 11. To establish an educational institution in which muslims of all ages may acquire religious education and develop an islamic personality. The curricula of such an institution will include: a. Reading, memorizing, and phonics of the holy quran. B. Study of the madith and islamic jurisprudence. C. Pre-requisities for (a) and (b) such as arabic, urdu and persian languages. D. Principles and interpretation of the quran. E. Islamic faith f. Ders-e-nazami (complete islamic education)

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