Expenditures in Foreign Countries by Canadian Charities


This dashboard provides a heatmap by country showing the amount of expenditures by Canadian charities in those countries. Below the heatmap are breakdowns of the expenditures by charity type and charity category. Use the filters in the menu on the left side of the screen to filter by year, country, charity type, or charity category.

Disclosure Requirements

Canadian charities are required to disclose the amounts they spend on activities, programs, and projects outside of Canada on Schedule 2 of the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return. They need to report the total amount spent outside of Canada on line 200, if they partner with another organization to work outside of Canada they need to specify those partnerships, the countries, and the amounts spent per partnership & country on line 210, and lastly they need to list all the countries that they carried on programs themselves (without specifiying the amount spent in each country).

Calculation Method

Based on this information, the only wholly accurate way to measure charitable spending outside of Canada by country is based on the amounts spent in partnership with other organizations (shown on this dashboard as the 'Exact' calculation method). This view understates both the total amount spent outside of Canada and the amount spend per country (since it excludes countries where the charities carried on programs themselves), but does not risk overstating spending on a per country basis.

Spending in countries where the charity carried on programs themselves can be approximated by taking the total amount spent and dividing it equally between the countries listed (shown on this dashboard as the 'Approximate' calculation method). This correctly reflects the total amount spent outside of Canada, but it will lead to the amount spent in individual countries being either overstated or understated since accurate breakdowns are unavailable.