It might be challenging to leave your pets behind while you travel, mainly if their oral wellness is a concern. Severe wellness issues could arise from disregarding dental care. As an animal owner, you should guarantee your pet gets the appropriate dental care.

But how can you guarantee that your pet receives the necessary care while you’re away?

This is when boarding facilities come in. They offer a safe and comfortable animal environment, with qualified staff to guarantee they receive correct treatment and attention.

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How to Guarantee Your Pet’s Dental Wellness While Boarding

Below are some tips to help animal owners pick a boarding facility to help their pet’s dental health and wellness program.

Search For On-Site Vet Care

If a boarding center offers on-site vet treatment is one of the most crucial things to consider. Your pet can obtain immediate medical care for any dental crisis or issue. Your pet’s teeth can be checked by a vet, who can also advise on the necessary care to maintain healthy teeth and periodontal.

Maintain Regular Teeth Cleaning

Veterinary services like regular dog and cat dental care in Bartlett are critical to dental treatment for animals. Search for a boarding facility that offers tooth cleaning services. Plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to dental concerns, including periodontal illness and tooth damage, are removed and avoided by specialist vet teeth cleaning.

Many vet dentists recommend specialist oral cleanings for pets once a year for most breeds, but some, especially smaller breeds, could need two visits annually to avoid tooth loss. Your veterinarian can suggest the ideal cleaning interval for your pet after a cleaning.

Get Personalized Feeding Plans

The food that your pet eats might also affect its oral wellness. Consider whether the boarding center offers personalized feeding regimens that cater to your pet’s demands while making your selection. If a boarding facility can accommodate these demands, it can help animals who need a special diet due to oral issues maintain their oral health. This can be particularly crucial for older pets with more oral concerns and need extra care.

You can browse the web for more info on pet wellness plans.

Check for Oral Toys and Treats

Oral treats and playthings can help your pet’s oral health by brushing their teeth and gums. When picking a boarding service, look for boarding facilities that give dental toys and snacks. They can include nibbles and chew playthings to maintain your pet’s teeth clean and promote healthy periodontal. This is crucial for dogs since they are prone to dental issues and poor breath if their teeth are disregarded.

Choose a Trusted Boarding Facility

Ensuring your pet has good dental care requires picking a trusted boarding center. Do your research and check out pet owners’ reviews. Select a center with a solid track record for delivering high-quality services like pet boarding with Hillcrest and utilizing competent personnel with experience in animal dental wellness. It’s crucial to inquire about the center’s emergency services and whether they have the tools to handle unanticipated situations.


Although leaving your pet in boarding can be traumatic, it doesn’t have to be. You can ascertain that your pet is healthy and satisfied while you’re gone by researching and selecting a boarding center that prioritizes oral care. Look for on-site veterinary therapy, regular tooth cleaning, individualized feeding schedules, and dental toys and treats. With these pointers in mind, you can rest assured that your pet’s dental health will be cared for while you are away.