For how long will you be gone from your home? Many of us spend extended time away from home for business, weekend excursions, and extended vacations. Picture coming home after a trip and seeing water in your finished basement, a fallen ceiling in your living room, or a waterfall cascading down your stairs. There are hundreds of gallons of water in my finished basement because a water main broke. After fire claims, those involving water damages are the most frequently filed. It is commonly believed that water damage to your home is insignificant. Quite the opposite is true. Statistics show that water damage is a common occurrence that is seven times more likely than fire damage and six times more likely than burglary.

What causes water damage in homes?

Hurricanes and floods are the most common causes of water damage, although smaller leaks can also occur. Home damage can be caused by several factors, including pinhole leaks in pipes, improperly graded soil, clogged gutters, and a broken sump pump. Water damage can be dodged in many cases if simple problems are fixed.


A home’s structural integrity can be severely compromised by water intrusion. Even a slow leak, if not contained, can undermine crucial structural parts like joists and beams, as well as cause damage to the drywall and studs underneath. If you want to prevent water damage, you should fix leaks before they start to drip.


Any water damage could potentially drain your bank account. Some home insurance policies will help pay for repair costs. However, homeowners will have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs because of insurance deductibles and maximums. Addressing issues specifically about water damage as soon as they surface is ideal.

Safety considerations.

It is always important to keep safe and not forget that  it’s also about damage restoration. To complete the necessary roof repairs and inspections climb up there safely. Use a sturdy ladder, bring a friend in case you trip, and don’t forget the non-slip shoes. A safety harness is essential for any job done on a roof. 

Consider investing in a water flow monitoring system.

Protect your entire home with a water flow monitoring device that is hardwired into your main water line. The device detects the arrival of domestic water and alerts the user accordingly. Once it detects a water leak that lasts longer than the ordinary starting and stopping of household appliances, it immediately cuts off the water supply to the house.

Examine the hoses and faucets on your appliances.

Hoses should be inspected yearly on your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator ice maker. Another option is a water leak monitoring and shut-off system that can notify you of leakage. Hoses should be regularly checked for leaks and cracks and replaced every five to seven years.

When is it time to get the assistance of a trained professional?

If you don’t feel comfortable replacing roof shingles, copper pipes, or repairing chimneys on your own, you should call professionals to do it. Professionals on this site or any other site with the appropriate qualifications may perform all of these responsibilities.


There may be instant repercussions from water damage. Water leaks will spread evenly throughout your property in minutes, soaking everything in their path. There is a risk of water damage to your home’s structure, flooring, furnishings, and valuables. Water entering a home can ruin carpets and cause photos, books, and other paper items to swell and warp. This makes it even more vital to begin the water damage restoration process as soon as practical.